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Hi, my name is erix and I'm a Brisbane based game developer. I like to experiment and create small, weird things, especially games about exploration. In my spare time, I also organise and run a local game dev meetup called Squiggly River.

i make games, write manifestos, and do other stuff.

i make games,


a co-op card game about relationship maintenance

✎ game & card design

crafting consent

a 2-player cooperative craft project about consent

✎ solo developer


a small diorama of a fishbowl for you to explore

✎ solo developer

Bus Stop

a story of mundane horror that occured at a bus stop

✎ solo developer

write manifestos,

and do other stuff

community work

  • Organiser and Moderator of Squiggly River: Brisbane game dev meetup.
  • Board member of Making Space: support organisation empowering minority and underrepresented people in games.

talks & writing

  • How To Build A Games Community For Everyone Else (Video): Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2021
  • Micro Talk (Video): Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2018
  • Games to Write Home About (Blog): Short form analysis of interesting things in interesting games